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Lab Members

Neal Williams – PI
Pollination biology, bee ecology evolution and behavior, agroecology
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Kimiora Ward – Project Specialist
Restoration ecology, ecological genetics, native plant materials, natural resource management 

Postdoctoral Researchers

Maj Rundlöf
Agroecology, bumble bees, ecotoxicology, landscape ecology, pollination
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Tina Harrison 
Biodiversity, global change, community ecology, bees
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Graduate Students

John M. Mola
Bumblebees, foraging, dispersal, population genetics, movement ecology
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Ross Brennan
Conservation, biodiversity, functional traits, interaction turnover
Clara Stuligross
Bee ecology, agroecology, environmental stressors, pesticides, nutrition
Maureen Page
Agriculture, conservation, pollination, networks
Nick Rosenberger
Pollination biology, global change, community ecology, plant mating systems

Lab Assistants

Kate Borchardt

Anna Britzman

Andrew Buderi

Colin Fagan

Neal Pope


Undergraduate Researchers

Gigi Melone (University of California, Davis)
Naomi Murray (University of California, Davis)

Undergraduate Assistants

Adela Contreras (University of California, Davis)
Devanie Harper (University of California, Davis)
Elsa Walsh (University of California, Davis)

Past Members

Postdoctoral Scholars

Claire Brittainhttp://clairebrittain.wordpress.com/
Jessica Forrest,  Assistant Professor University of Ottawa
Jochen Fruend, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Guelph, Currently at University of Freiburg
Sandra Gillespie, Postdoctoral Scholar, Simon Fraser University
Ola Lundin, Postdoctoral Scholar, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala
Rosemary Malfi
, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Massachusetts Amherst Rosemary's website

Graduate Students

Jennifer VanWyk, (PhD) 2018, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Leslie Saul-Gershenz, (PhD) 2017, Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Davis
Rei Scampavia, (PhD) 2017, Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rei's website
Katharina Ullmann, (PhD) 2014, Director of UC Davis Student Farm
Ryder Diaz, (MS) 2012, http://www.ryderdiaz.com/
Felix Klaus, (Fulbright Scholar) 2014, Current PhD student in Teja Tschartnke’s group at Georg-August-University Göttingen

Junior Specialists

Kitty Bolte, Xerces Society Pollinator Habitat Specialist
Logan Rowe, Currently at Michigan State University with Dr. Rufus Isaacs
Mike Epperly


Kate Borchardt (University of California, Davis 2018)
Beth Beyer (University of California, Davis 2017)
Jessica Drost (University of California, Davis 2017)
Sonja Glasser (University of California, Davis 2015)
Mira Parekh (University of California, Davis 2013)
Alexi Haack (University of California, Davis 2013)
Sarah Bolm (University of California, Davis 2012)
Emily McGlynn (Bryn Mawr College 2009) – Native bee benefits for agriculture in the Mid-Atlantic
Kristen Jenkins (Bryn Mawr College 2009) – Functional Compensation and biodiversity loss
Sarah Allard (Haverford College 2009) – Functional Compensation and biodiversity loss
Cecily Moyer (Haverford College 2009) – The role of floral morphology and reward in structuring pollinator plant networks
Rosemary Malfi (Bryn Mawr College 2007) – The effect of urban development on Bombus communities in the Delaware Valley, PA
Daniela Miteva (Bryn Mawr College 2007) – Pollinator communities and pollination in eastern old fields, Pollinator and pollen deposition webs in restored meadows
Amanda Rahi (Bryn Mawr College 2007) – The contributions of specialist and generalist bees to reproductive success of desert mallow